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Value Machinery is the North America distributor for Interfil who has been producing thread since1930. Since 1987 Interfil has focused solely on thread used in the tea industry. Interfil's ability to focus on one type of thread has allowed them to become the markets most reliable teabag thread producer. Seeing a demand for a reliable tea thread in the North America tea market, Vitek Woyda established Value Machinery in 1988. Over the past twenty plus years Value Machinery's has been supplying this reliable products along with unprecedented service to tea packing manufactures across USA and Canada and will continue to do so. The company's mission is not only to sell quality products but to establish logterm relationships that will help company's maintain product loyalty and growth.

Key components of our business:

- Control all aspects of in house warehousing
- Customization of services to meet clients needs (example: divided shipments, special labeling, special pellets, etc)
- Active participant in a green environment program ,
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Value Machinery
PO Box 149- Milford, CT 06460
Phone: 203-882-0099 Fax: 203-882-8866 Email: