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Tea Bag String (Teabag Thread)

The teabag string (teabag thread) supplied by Value Machinery is held to the highest standards and complies with the European laws and US food and Drug Administration Laws.
1)Use raw cotton at 100% free defoliants and other chemicals.
2)Treat cottons for mildew prevention
3)Dyeing with non optical chemicals (certification OEKO-TEX standard 100.
4)Boil and sterilize thread
5)Lubricate threads with edible oil and wax (past test for American N.F. and F.D.A. and iven pureness qualification in accordance with G.U.n. 104 dd 20.04.73 for foodstuff.

Manufacture has "Quality Assurance ISO 9001-2000" which means the entire process is monitored from picking of raw cotton, ginnery, spinning, twistting, dyeing and final winding. This quality testing puts this product in the top 25% of the Ulster International Textile Scale which means 75% of other producers offer a worse product. This allows the manufacture to assure that each cone that is produced by them is in accodance to the "Quality Assurance ISO 9001-2000" and has the following features.
1) Basic production cycle is with ringspun or open ended system
2) Electronically controlled yardage
3) Minimum defects left which could cause production stoppage (Elkocontrol).
4) Waterproofing system in final thread
5) Splicing system to avoid knots in thread.

Additional Regulations the manufacture is in accordance with:
-Federal Regulation 21 CFR 176.170, components for food grade packing
-Packing regulation 1998n.1165 article 9 & 11, European directive 94/62/EC
-European directive n.89/109/EC
-Foodstuff regulation n.38/2001


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